Globus Super Forest Ant —

Globus Super Forest Ant

by Globus
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The Globus UK Super Forest Ant Farm creates an optimal environment, to support an ant colony. The Forest Farm arrives with everything you need. The 'S' shaped tank features a sleek and modern design and looks great as a home ornament. Simply fill the tank with the NASA developed rich, nutrient packed, non-toxic, transparent gel provided, add the plant seeds and finally: Go on an ant hunt to catch around 15 'Ant-habitants' for your new farm. When these steps have been completed, you will have the privilege of owning your very own living eco system. Experience the plants grow from the tiny small seeds provided and watch one of nature's greatest architects: The Ant, as it lives and burrow into the blue gel, creating a spectacular pattern of tunnels. Here is a cool fact: Antquariums were originally developed from NASA technology, for the purpose of studying and understanding the development and behaviour of animal life in zero gravity conditions. In May 2000, Space Shuttle S.T.S. 107 orbited the earth with Antquariums on board. The nutritious gel allowed NASA scientists to observe and study the ants during the space flight and, what's more, the gel's specially formulated properties ensured that it did not compress and crush the ants under the immense forces of take-off. The Super Forest makes an exciting and educational gift for children, as well as adults with an interest in Biology. Besides providing a safe ecologically-correct habitat, the gel also provides the ants' food. You simply need to open the lid for a moment once a month to aerate the interior. The kit contains: An Ant tank, with a sleek modern design that looks great in the home A container with the blue, specially formulated transparent gel A pack of plant seeds, to grow your 'forest' A ma