Revell GmbH 03215 1:76 Scale "Sd Kfz 124 Wespe" Model Set —

Revell GmbH 03215 1:76 Scale "Sd Kfz 124 Wespe" Model Set

by Revell-Monogram
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The Wespe (Wasp) was created to meet the need for the artillery to follow the lightning tank strikes more quickly and to be ready to fire immediately after a change of position. In 1942 the firms of Alkett, MAN and Rheinmetall-Borsig designed this independently mobile gun platform on the basis of the Panzer II chassis and the light 10.5 cm field howitzer. The main production site was at FAMO in Warsaw. Just 700 vehicles were built. The driving performance of 140 horsepower and 40 kph on the road was adequate for an 11.5 tonne vehicle. Originally it was intended to be only a temporary solution but it remained in production until the loss of the factory in 1944. The crew consisted of the driver (who had to act with great sensitivity because of the high centre of gravity), the commander and 3 gunners. 40 shells could be carried, which is why many vehicles were even redeployed as ammunition transporters for light infantry batteries carrying 90 rounds. The big advantage was that if a vehicle broke down, the field repair team could put the howitzer on to an ammunition carrier and all gunnery remained ready for use.

- Height-adjustable gun
- Vinyl tracks
- Diorama scene with palm and 2 figures of German soldiers

Colors: 16 37 78